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Thermal Baths and Hotels in Hungary 

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he third in Corvina's series of thematic guidebooks presents the thermal baths and hotels built on Hungary's rich inheritance of thermal waters. Dividing the baths into regions, the book is easy to use, with a glossary of technical expressions and a guide to the composition of the various thermal waters right at the start. In each region of Hungary, the guide presents the more signifi cant thermal baths and hotels, for a total of 122 throughout the country. The guide details the history and facilities of each, as well as things to see in the surrounding area. It also includes opening times, contact details, details of the pools and services, the composition of the thermal water and a list of ailments the water is recommended for. In order to give an even fuller picture, at the end of the guide, we list a further 110 baths and hotels which are not - technically - thermal baths, but which have waters with a high dissolved mineral content. We have included their addresses, telephone numbers and electronic contact details. The guide ends with a list of 98 thermal baths and hotels built within the historic borders of Hungary before the First World War that are still operational today.The guide is illustrated with colour photographs throughout. Maps and GPS co-ordinates help the user fi nd their destination.
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