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Hungarian Folk Architecture

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The Corvina thematic guidebook series of five volumes of folk architecture of Hungary shows in detail by county, in alphabetical order are described in the Hungarian folk architecture, describing their approach to accessibility and opening hours as well. Not only farmhouses were placed in the book, but also outbuildings (barns, barns, stables, etc), industrial buildings (dry, wind and water mills etc) and sacral buildings (churches, bell towers, cemeteries, calvaries etc) and various crafts typical also houses, and the houses of wealthy farmers portáitól the cotters over the barlanglakásokig also a lot of things. Like the previous volumes of the series as detailed in 200 buildings together outside the county, the other is a list (of 609) vernacular architectural monuments, architectural monuments have been also included in the minorities living in Hungary between them. It is important to note that the preserved buildings anywhere more complete presentation of folk architecture not only memories, but also aimed at the specific folk culture as well. The buildings outside of the contemporary furniture for farming, cooking, holidays and everyday objects can also view. The traditional architecture in the contemporary lifestyle at the same time exhibits can be considered. The guidebook 680 color photos make it explicit. The orientation map and GPS coordinates to help.
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